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Donations allow kids to receive new uniforms and gear, leading to pure joy and confidence.

Children of lower income families are 11% less likely to play football. TUFF fights to close this gap.

Team sports teach discipline and teamwork while promoting both diversity and hard work.

Every player deserves to look like a pro, regardless of the amount of resources they have.



The Uniform Funding Foundation, TUFF, donates customized uniforms and sports gear to youth sports teams in need. TUFF enhances youth athletes’s experiences by donating new high quality uniforms and equipment to replace a team’s outdated or worn gear. Taking the Deion Sanders’ quote to heart, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good,” TUFF’s contributions spark feelings of excitement and confidence that will lead to success on the gridiron, court and in the classroom.

First Uniform Donation

Garden Valley is an area rooted in strong history dating back to 1957 when Clevelanders first began to live there. The Falcons youth football program is the fighting pride of the public housing district and will look to fly higher than all of their foes this Fall in the Cleveland Municipal Football League. Using resources from the OptiMize grant, TUFF is honored to donate to such a great program. To make this uniform donation an ultimate success, please consider donating on our website or mailing a check to: The Uniform Funding Foundation, 8950 Baldwin Road, Mentor, OH 44060. 

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