Newsletter January 2023

Entering our 5th year of supporting youth athletes, we look back on an impactful 2022.

We served over 1,500 students through equipment donations, skills camps, college visits, celebratory evenings, and regional competitions. Thanks to our generous TUFF family and many fundraising efforts we received over $240,000 in total contributions. We can proudly claim to have nearly doubled our overall level of impact.
Across the United States, we hosted ten uniform donations for a variety of youth sports teams. While most of our donations were held in Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit and Flint, we began 2022 by traveling to Hawaii to give new uniforms to two teams in O’ahu.
In each donation, our team was welcomed by the surrounding communities as we gifted thousands of uniforms and accessories to boys and girls playing both football and basketball.

TUFF Takeoff Tour

In summer 2022, we held our first series of admission-free skills camps, hosted at local high schools surrounding the University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, and University of South Carolina as well as one in downtown Cleveland. Each event was led by volunteer counselors playing Division I Football.

Throughout our four camps, we had over 700 campers in attendance, ranging from 3 – 18 years old. Each athlete received a TUFF shirt, positional training, and the opportunity to compete against their peers. Parents excitedly filmed from the sidelines as each camp ended with intense match-ups to determine the event’s MVP. Before the award presentation and a final lunch, students listened to various TUFF Talks and had a Q&A session with camp counselors about balancing athletics, academics, and daily life.

More Photos from 2022


Cooming Soon

On January 28th, 2023, this year’s Mr. Prodigy Award Ceremony, recognizing the best 8th grade football player in Northeast Ohio, will be hosted at the St. Ignatius Breen Center. In just a few short weeks, our eight finalists will enjoy a night of celebration and TUFF Talks as they await the crowning of Mr. Prodigy and our new Bulldozer award, given to the best 13U lineman in the region.

Mr. Prodigy nominees are Jaevaun Boone, Lawrence Cherry Jr., RayShawn Duncan Jr., Jaylen Edwards, and Kei’Shjuan Telfair. For the title of Bulldozer, Luke Ardito, Semaj Ellison, and Deante Rembert are under consideration.

College Enrichment Tours

In early June we hosted our first college
enrichment tour for the Southhside Wolfpack, a
youth football organization from Chicago
providing a private tour of the University of
Michigan and their facility

A Night To Remember

On July 11th, 2022, our team traveled to Tampa, FL for a historic fundraiser hosted by TUFF Board of Director, Marc Jacobson, and Steelers Center, Mason Cole. Thanks to various professional athletes, sportscasters, and individual benefactors, we were able to raise over $50,000 in a single night.

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